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Sort Through the Mess Using a WordPress Tech Stack

Coaching people on setting up their own digital lemonade stand, I’ve been successful framing your soon to-be Wordpress site as a technology stack. My goal in writing this post is to share how I frame Wordpress setups to keep me on track and avoid getting overwhelmed.

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The Coexistence of Customer Success and Professional Services

Make the customer successful. In pursuit of this simple yet difficult goal, I find myself asking the same question over and over. Do I fish for the man or do I teach the man to fish? Well duh, dummy you teach them to fish. Except it’s not that easy because customers don’t want the small fish, they’re looking for whales.

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From Dojo to Academia, How Teaching Martial Arts Made Me a Better Professor

My philosophy on teaching has been shaped by a wealth of experience that has mostly been in the dojo. I believe teaching in any context will help you grow as an educator, but I believe specifically martial arts instruction develops qualities that the best educators have. I’d like to share four professional qualities I owe to teaching martial arts that separate me from my colleagues in academia.

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What is a Success Engineer?

A Success Engineer is professional success creator. How do I do that? I take a belly-to-belly approach.

First, define the challenge and what constitutes victory. Next, co-create and co-execute a logical, boots-on-the-ground strategy to incrementally work towards success.

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